Sanctuary Tangaroa - By Made of Tomorrow

Sanctuary Tangaroa - By Made of Tomorrow

Sanctuary Tangaroa - By Made of Tomorrow

Welcome to our home! We're Matt and Dan, product designers and the proud owners of 'Made of Tomorrow.' Today, we are thrilled to invite you on a journey through our newly completed residence in the picturesque city of Tauranga.

The Design

Our primary goal for this home was to create a space that radiates attention to detail while prioritising serenity and tranquillity. Located just a short drive from Tauranga, our home sits gracefully above sea level, offering breathtaking views of the harbour and the distant Mount Maunganui. It's a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, a place where we can reconnect with nature and find solace.


Materials and Collaborations

To infuse warmth and calm into our home, we centred our design around natural materials and high-quality finishes with a strong focus on the small details. We were fortunate to collaborate with esteemed suppliers and manufacturers like Laminex New Zealand, Forte Flooring, ECC, Meek, Resene and more, who helped us turn our vision into a reality.

The Entrance

As you step inside, you'll be immediately captivated by the stunning natural wood flooring by of Forte Flooring. The light oak hue creates an inviting, expansive atmosphere, perfectly harmonising with the surrounding wetland landscape. Sustainability was a key consideration, with sustainable materials like high-grade FSC-certified engineered flooring used throughout the project. Moving through the hallway, your gaze will be drawn to the mesmerizing wetlands, coastal grasses, and mangroves beyond. The flush stacking sliders effortlessly bridge the indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, forging a seamless connection between nature and our living spaces.



Kitchen and Dining

Our kitchen stands as a testament to the fusion of function and aesthetics. The centerpiece is a sprawling four-sided kitchen island, crafted from Caesarstone in the elegant Cloudburst Concrete colour. Laminex Woodgrain Umber cabinetry and Melteca Mist in the scullery complement the flooring's lighter wood tones, resulting in a kitchen that is both practical and beautiful.


The scullery, a separate space designed for daily use and food preparation during gatherings, adds a layer of convenience. In the dining room, a statement custom designed dining table (from Made of Tomorrow) takes center stage, featuring brushed steel bollard legs and a durable Laminex Alucci Apex in Black tabletop. It's a space where elegance meets functionality, perfect for hosting memorable meals.


The Lounge

The lounge area features a striking 600kg piece of solid bluestone, adding a touch of drama and balance to the space. Thoughtful lighting design enhances the ambiance, casting a warm glow and accentuating the textures of the room. The lounge area also boasts a captivating feature wall created using Surround by Laminex in the Scallop 45 profile, which adds rich depth and visual interest to the space. Long lengths of soft linen sheers filter the abundant sunlight that streams into this space, softening the space and creating privacy.

Master Suite

The master suite is a serene retreat, carefully designed to evoke a spa-like atmosphere. We wanted the bathroom to be a highlight, featuring natural stone flooring and Italian porcelain tiles. The choice of materials in the bathroom creates a luxurious and tranquil space that reflects our passion for design and craftsmanship.

The king-size bed is another creation crafted by us specifically for this space, featuring solid concrete balls as feet and a walnut frame embellished with a linen upholstered headboard. Blackout roller binds appear out of the ceiling to create privacy while being completely hidden when open. Crafted from Laminex Planked Urban Oak, our walk-in wardrobe offers a practical space to access and organise our clothing stylishly.

Outdoor Entertaining and Exterior

Moving outside, our outdoor kitchen is a hub for entertaining, complete with a built-in barbecue, pizza oven, and dining area. A low couch, fire brazier, and motorized outdoor roller blinds ensure privacy and create an inviting atmosphere. Landscaping and outdoor living design have been meticulously executed, with native planting enhancing the property's serenity. The exterior of our home, featuring engineered timber cladding and bagged brick, seamlessly melds with the natural landscape, offering a contemporary and timeless design.

The Guest Suite

Our guest suite is a private oasis, thoughtfully designed to offer our visitors a retreat all their own. It features a custom-made headboard with our iconic Made of Tomorrow FOLD Bedside Tables, complete with integrated lighting for added convenience. The ensuite bathroom embraces a luxurious dark palette, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Additionally, a custom utility cabinet, crafted from Laminex Planked Urban Oak and adorned with Caesarstone Cloudburst, adds both style and functionality to this inviting space. In the guest suite, we aim to provide our guests with the utmost comfort and a sense of exclusivity, making their stay truly special.


Lighting and Ambiance

The ambiance within our home was paramount to us, and achieving it required meticulous attention to detail, including the selection of designer lighting. We understand that lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood, and so we carefully curated our lighting choices. Precisely positioned fixtures cast gentle light onto our walls, highlighting their textures and turning them into works of art. Our selection of designer lighting, sourced from our favourite designers, was chosen with a focus on creating a soft and inviting atmosphere. From the Tom Dixon Melt Wall Light in Chrome to the recessed low-glare ceiling lights from environmentally conscious brand Brightgreen, each fixture was handpicked to enhance the overall ambience of our home, contributing to the serene and welcoming atmosphere we aimed to create.


Nature-Inspired Palette

Our entire colour and texture palette have been inspired by the surrounding landscape, from dune grasses to the scenic panorama. By incorporating natural materials, we've harmonized our home with the environment, creating a relaxed yet sophisticated ambience.


Our Passion

Our home is a testament to our love for design and craftsmanship. It's a place where every detail has been meticulously considered, resulting in a cozy and refined sanctuary. We hope that all who visit will experience the joy and comfort it offers. Once again, welcome to our humble abode. We are delighted to share this space with you and hope you enjoy the attention to detail and the serene ambience our home offers. 

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